Stu Hamm

Stu Hamm: Bass Guitar

Following the trail blazed by our grateful guru Garcia, Stu has played sweet guitar leads for the Jerry Garcia Band, Workingman’s Ed and Jelly. Stu Hamm has toured extensively with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Stu held down the bass in the all-star jam at the renown G3 concert in 1996 as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson took turns at lead guitar. Stu plays all the bass tracks for the new Rush tribute album: “Subdivisions,” in which a diverse array of musicians are featured including Satriani, Vai, Sebastian Bach and Randy Jackson. Recently, Stu was featured in the BX3 tour with other world-class electric bass guitarists Jeff Berlin (from Bill Bruford Band) and Billy Sheehan (from Mr. Big, Steve Vai and David Lee Roth bands). In his heralded solo career, and as a former teacher at the Bass Institute of Technology, Stu “explores the outer-limits of bass technique.” In his 2007 tour, Stu has explored the outer-limits at gigs in Taipei, Shaghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Santiago, Chile.

Don’t miss the Tony & Stu Hamm Jam video as two of the world’s greatest bass players trade riffs that shake the foundation of the Sweetwater at the 2007 Rock for Hope! Stu Hamm takes us to school on the bass in the All Stu video. Check out other Stu Hamm videos for incredible bass technique rockin’ the house at this year’s Rock for Hope.

Stu Hamm, Fender News, October, 2007

Stu Hamm, Bass Player, by Jude Gold, February, 2007

Stu Hamm, link to articles on Stu’s web site

Stu Hamm Stu Hamm Stu Hamm

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